The Green Spork’s menu changes seasonally – always check the board for the most up-to-date offerings and prices.

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Be a Rawkstar: eat & drink your produce!


20 oz unless noted *20 oz smoothies can be split to two x 10 oz!

The Wellness Smoothie – elderberry syrup, citrus*, ginger, Wellness Tea, strawberries*, blueberries*& raw honey ⓥ $9

Thanksgiving in a Cup – pumpkin, vanilla protein, carrots*, banana, almond milk*, chia seeds, spices & chai tea ⓥ $9

The Veggnog Smoothie – chai tea, “Veggnog Oatly,” banana, chia seeds, vanilla protein, raw cashews, hemp hearts, cinnamon ⓥ $9


20 oz unless noted *20 oz smoothies can be split to two x 10 oz!

The Green Goddess mango*, pineapple*, double spinach*& celery, chia seeds*, green tea, honey*, lime*& fresh ginger $9

The Green One mango*, pineapple*, banana, citrus*, spinach*and celeryⓥ$8

The Greenish carrot *, mango*, pineapple*, spinach*,banana & orange ⓥ$8

The Staycation pineapple*, coco cream, banana, greens*carrot*, coco milk & lime*ⓥ$8

The Red Velvet Mocha beets, strawberries*, blueberries*, dates, cocoa powder*, spinach*, vanilla extract, chia seeds*, coconut milk & double shot of espresso*ⓥ$9

The Berry Good4U coconut milk, orange juice, mixed berries*, banana, honey, celery*, carrots*, chia seeds*& spinach*$8

The Green Bee green tea*, pineapple*, mango*, honey, spinach*, celery*, carrot*, chia seeds*& lime*$9

The Beetox beets, spinach*, coconut water, orange juice, pineapple*, strawberry*, carrots*, lemon*, chia & flax seeds*ⓥ$9

The Beetox Gone Crazy beets, greens*, green tea, orange, pineapple*, strawberry*, carrots*, lemon*, honey*, ginger, chia & flax seeds*and açai powder $9.50

* = organic, and chosen per guidelines              ⓥ  = vegan


20 oz unless noted *20 oz smoothies can be split to two x 10 oz!

UN-GREEN SMOOTHIES20 oz unless noted

The Chai-Chia Proteincinnamon & ginger, in-house brewed chai tea, coconut milk,
Chai protein powder w/probiotics, chia seeds & banana ⓥ$8

The Berry Good assorted berries*, banana, lemon, coconut water & chia seeds ⓥ$7

The SimpleSweet banana, strawberries*, honey & a splash of citrus*$6

The SimpleSweet Tea$7 green tea, banana, strawberries*, honey & a splash of citrus*

The CocoMonkey banana, cocoa powder, coconut milk, vanilla & almond butter ⓥ$7

The MonkeyShakey *kid sized!– 10 oz almond milk, banana & coconut ice cream ⓥ$4

The HJ Mango Lassi mango*, mango puree, coconut milk/water & coconut ice cream ⓥ$6

* = organic, and chosen per guidelines              ⓥ  = vegan



20 oz unless noted *20 oz smoothies can be split to two x 10 oz!

The Chocommus Shake– almond milk*, banana, chickpeas, tahini*, maple syrup, cocoa powder*, cinnamon & vanilla ⓥ$9

The Purple People Eater – berries, chickpeas, maple syrup, cocoa powder, coconut milk, vanilla & almond butter ⓥ $9

The Vanilla One– chai tea, Oatly, chickpeas, chia seeds*, vanilla protein powder*, raw cashews*, hemp hearts*, vanilla, maple syrup & a pinch of salt ⓥ$9

The Vanilla CocoLocococonut milk & cream, espresso, banana, chia*, vanilla protein *ⓥ$8

The SimpleProtein– chocolate or vanilla protein powder*,banana, strawberries*, & honey* (splash of citrus*w/vanilla) ⓥ  $7.50

The Happy Shakey*kid sized!– 10 oz chocolate or vanilla vegan protein*, blended with coconut or almond milk, and coconut ice cream, topped with sprinkles ⓥ$4

The Chai-Chia Protein–cinnamon & ginger, in-house brewed chai tea, coconut milk, Chai protein powder w/probiotics*, chia seeds & banana ⓥ$8

The Green Machine– coconut water, celery*, carrots*, greens*, mango*, pineapple*, lemon juice*& vanilla protein powder*  ⓥ$9

* = organic, and chosen per guidelines              ⓥ  = vegan


+ banana$.75                              + berries$1.00                             + ginger$.25

+ greens$.75                               + acai powder $1                        + espresso$.75/shot

+ matcha   $1.00                          + maca powder* $.75                 + PB powder*  $.75

+ protein powder(10 g) $1.50 (chocolate, vanilla & peanut butter flavors ⓥ

+ nut butter $1.50        àPLEASE always feel comfortable asking for substitutions!



Get your buzz on or go buzzless (decaf)

Black Silk Espresso

Organic & Fair Traded by Equal Exchange
*See board for hot/cold coffee drinks & prices

We only use alternative Barista Blends in our espresso drinks!

  • Hot drinks: Oatly – oat based milk made by people crafting it for 25+ years
  • Cold drinks: Califia – w/blanched almonds (say it like “California”…)
  • Other almond or coconut milks available


All with a positive health twist!
Asheville Tea Company

  • Winter Wellness
  • Turmeric Ginger
  • Lemon Yaupon
  • Chai
  • Hibiscus Mojito
  • Chocolate Habañero Chai
  • Blue Mint
  • Hibiscus
  • Lavender Limoncello

Golden Milk & Chai Tea Latte – hot or cold
*we use Dona Chai and offer their unsweetened chai… and you can sweeten with honey, sugar, coconut sugar, stevia and more! Golden Milk is slightly sweetened.

MUD\WTR™ is a coffee alternative consisting of organic ingredients lauded by cultures old and young for their health and performance benefits.




  • Kids beverages
  • Flavored Waters
  • Juices
  • Kombucha, and other fun chill sips!



* See RETRO FRIDGE for flavors!
Revolution Gelato All cashew based, creamy & delicious $3.50 ⓥ

* = organic, and chosen per guidelines ⓥ = vegan

THE SNACKS *available all day

The BLT $7 SporkMade vegan “bacon” and mayo, organic tomato & aquaponic greens on a lightly toasted GF/vegan bread & a little fresh side   

The Bacon Avo Topped Toast avocado & Sporkmade vegan “bacon” & a little fresh side ⓥ $4.50

Mary’s Toast avocado, jalepeño cream cheese with chile & lime seasoning seasoning & a little fresh side  $4.50

The Uncle Jackie GF toast slice w/almond butter*, sliced banana & honey or maple syrup drizzle $4 *alt nut butters  ⓥ on request

The Avo Topped Toast GF toast topped with avocado & “Everything but the Bagel” seasoning & a little fresh side $4 

The Nutty Topped Toast GF toast topped with almond butter and chopped nuts with dried cranberries and a light drizzle of vegan caramel $4 

lunch 11:30- 2:00 weekdays/11-1:00 Saturdays (see The Snacks ABOVE for all day noshing!)

The Vegan Quiche Plate $9 see blackboard for FRIDAY’s  flavor 100% vegan (mung bean based) quiche filled with assorted veggies & side salad ONLY FRIDAYS

The Biggie Salads $9

A BIG salad with locally grown greens** and your choice of FIVE toppings, dressing and optional add-ins! OR choose from one of our custom salads!

Dressing choices*
Sporkmade: Balsamic (oil-free), Ranchⓥ & Asian Carrot-Ginger ⓥ

The Flatbread Plate  Sporkmade flatbread – usually two options: with hummus or as a sandwich, served with a side salad and choice of dressing $8 

The Grillers  ⓥ $7 made with vegan/GF bread #wheagan       +side salad $2.50

  • The BBQ Griller BBQ roasted jackfruit mix, avocado & vegan mozzarella
  • The Jam Griller savory jam and vegan cheeses on a tasty GF/vegan panini with a fresh garnish
  • The Avo Griller “bacon” cream cheese (temp unavailable!) avocado and vegan mozzarella on a tasty GF/vegan panini with a fresh garnish
  • The Tomato Griller thick slices of tomato*, savory jam and vegan cream cheese on a tasty GF/vegan panini with a fresh garnish *subject to seasonality
  • Other daily Griller specials depending on Farmer Deliveries!


* = organic, and chosen per guidelines              ⓥ  = vegan




We keep the gluten free dedicated/plant based bakery case well stocked with Almond Choc Chippers ⓥ, Peanut Butter and Seasonal Cookies ⓥ  Muffins ⓥ , Donuts (nut free) Donuts ⓥ, Bean-based Brownies & Blondies (grain free & ⓥ) and lots of random daily specials!

  • Cinnamon Rolls (GF/ⓥ) Saturdays should NOT be missed and sell out quickly!
  • Thurs/Fridays are Cupcake Days – We alternate between chocolate and vanilla cake, topped with varied buttercream flavors.

We use all natural colorants like beet powder to keep things fun and our sprinkles are gluten-free/vegan/natural.

ALL bakery case item ingredients are broken down on a document that we’re happy to share! We take dietary concerns seriously, y’all!



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